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Can a Putter Change Your Game? | Thoughts from the Slighter Pro Shop

Choosing a putter should not be a scientific endeavor, but more of a fun and exciting event.

Leave the science end of building a putter to us here at Slighter Golf.  You should be excited about using your putter every time you pull off the headcover.  We all know the saying, “drive for show and putt for dough” but many of us seem to neglect the most used club in our bag – the putter.

If you are golfing at least once a week you should seriously consider a custom putter.  Not so much a collectors putter worth thousands, but a putter that you can adjust to your stroke and stance.  Simple adjustments to a putter can help your putting tremendously.

Adding a custom putter to your bag builds confidence, enjoyment and productivity. Can a putter change your game? It can definitely change your mindset and approach to the game – so the answer is yes!

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