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The Story of the Japrechaun | Thoughts from the Pro Shop

The meaning behind the ‘Japrechaun’ is quite special to me.

I am half Japanese and half Irish. I was born in 1958 and adopted by two very special people: mom and dad. I am one of 4 children in a family of mixed heritage. My two sisters are both half Japanese and my brother is half Chinese. We are brothers and sisters, but not blood related. My parents are the warmest people you will ever meet.

My father, Dr. Rev. Alfred R. Slighter is a major figure in my life and I doubt to ever walk in his shoes. The closest I will ever live up to dad is my name. He named me after a Scottish minister: Thomas Chalmers. My mom is my idol. The heart and soul of our family. Both mom and dad accepted four Asian children into their lives during difficult times.

I grew up in a small town and being of mixed race I often felt out of place. I experienced identity issues trying to figure out who and what I was. Sometimes accepted by everybody and other times by nobody.

I have always been proud of my Japanese heritage and embrace the culture. I am equally proud of being Irish. I suppose that’s why I live in Seattle, WA, where it is green and rains a lot.

I now have 3 children and it is my turn as a father to instill pride in their lives. Always be proud of who you are and walk tall; even though we’re short. Be courageous and embrace your ethnicity.

I came up with the idea of a Japanese leprechaun as a play on my nationality. Hence, the ‘Japrechaun’ was brought to life. The ‘Japrechaun’ character represents me in a nut shell: a happy individual with a gift to create and a passion for life.


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