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How to Choose the Best Putter | Thoughts from the Slighter Pro Shop

We all know that selecting the best putter is mainly personal preference.

I have always believed the first thing about choosing the best putter is it should look and feel right at address.  All you should be thinking about is getting that ball in the hole.  If a putter is aesthetically pleasing to your eye you are able to focus more on the putt at hand.

Some believe you should select a putter that suits your stroke and not how it looks.  Somewhat true, but what have you actually purchased that is best for you and not what you preferred.  Take shoes for instance.  We all should be buying shoes that best fit our feet and not necessarily care about how they look.

I have had customers come to me to build them a putter defined by their instructors geared to their stroke whatever that might be.  Arc stroke, straight back and through stroke, short stroke, etc.   As a builder, I would build my customer what they desired only to find them coming back wanting another putter that appeals to them more.

The goal is to “try” and find that happy medium.  We pretty much buy shoes that look and feel good, so choosing a putter should be similar in nature to purchasing shoes.  Therefore, I suggest you get back to basics and choose a putter that looks and feels good.  Try not to be so scientific when purchasing the best putter for you.