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Tom’s Top 5 Favorite Golf Courses & The Best Game He Ever Played | Thoughts from the Pro Shop

Today we sat down with Tom and asked him about his Top 5 Favorite Golf Courses – and of course we asked him about the best game he ever played. 


My Top 5 Favorite Golf Courses are:

Golf Club at Newcastle (Newcastle, WA)

Just a beautiful golf course.  Owned by a well renown Japanese American business man – an inspiration to me

Salem Golf Club (Salem, OR)

Great memories with my dear friends Sheldon, Neil, and Greg.  Thanks to Danny Moore the Head Pro

Highland Hills Golf Course (Greeley, CO)

My dad’s favorite course – love you dad.

Legion Memorial Golf Course (Everett, WA)

Many, many rounds.  Place where I purchased the first Cameron putter I sold on eBay.

Battle Creek Golf Club (Salem, OR)  – CLOSED 2007

Place where I learned how to play golf with my best friend


The Best Golf Game I Ever Played was …

I shot a 73 at Salem Golf Club. 

I shot a 35 one under par on the front 9 at Boomerang Golf Course in Greeley, CO.

Now we want to know, what was the best game you’ve ever played? Any favorite courses you recommend Tom to play next? Let us know in the comments!

3 replies on “Tom’s Top 5 Favorite Golf Courses & The Best Game He Ever Played | Thoughts from the Pro Shop”

One of My favorite courses is where I grew up learning to play golf with my mom and dad: Golf Club of Estrella in Goodyear AZ. Sometimes a course is great because of the memories you have there.

My favorite course that doesn’t have nostalgia attached to it is Makai in Princeville, Hawaii. Beautiful.

It’s nice to see somebody that ranks their favorite courses based on things other than condition, difficulty, etc (although that’s all valid reasons to love a course)! I appreciate a new perspective 🙂

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